Larimer County Deputy Sheriff under investigation after ticket to cyclist

From Coloradoan

A confrontation between a sheriff’s deputy and bicyclist in Fort Collins last month led to a $22 ticket for the rider and an internal investigation into the deputy’s behavior.

Douglas Baker, 57, was riding his bike north on Riverside by the Coloradoan’s office on March 26 when he was stopped by Larimer County Sheriff’s Cpl. Perry Malisani, who was coming up behind him. Malisani ticketed Baker for failing to move to the right as the deputy passed the cyclist.

But bicycle advocates note the ticket given to Baker cited a section of the law changed in 2009 following a series of confrontations between cyclists and then-Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden. Alderden repeatedly told cyclists they needed to get out of the way of drivers.

Do a quick search on 303cycling and you will find a few other articles about problems with the former Sheriff and cyclists, not only from his county but also from Boulder as they ride the populate Carter lake route.

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Larimer County vs Bicycle Community

Larimer county has long been antagonistic towards the bicycling public. The actions of this officer in Ft Collins should come as no surprise. From former county sheriff Jim Alderden and his comments regarding the "Boulder biking element" in southwest Larimer county to the lack of bicycle friendly access throughout the county, Larimer has proven that it is not a destination for bicyclists (Carter Lake & Rist Canyon excluded).
And now the county has been 'blessed' with not only a starting city in the 2013 USA Pro Challenge, but a finishing city as well! Do the leaders there have any idea what kind of revenue that represents for the county and private business?
One would expect more favorable treatment of bicyclists, considering the exposure our sport is providing this backwater area of Colorado.

Distinquish between Larimer county and Ft. Collins


Please apply some organizational and geographical knowledge before such sweeping generalizations: Yes, previously, under Sheriff Alderden, the Sheriff's dept. was not bicycle-friendly. And the current issue highlights the need for training and education.

But that does NOT apply to Ft. Collins, with a police force that apparently IS trained; nor does it necessarily apply to all departments in the county (where there are a number of bicycle friendly staffers). Sheriff's departments usually operate quite independently from other county organizations AND from local city/municipal governments and police depts.

Rist canyon may be a cycling

Rist canyon may be a cycling destination, but the locals up there aren't too happy with it. I've only ridden up Rist once, and was buzzed and harassed by a woman in a Tahoe, Lin# 901-xzn. She didn't feel the need to give me room during a pass, in a 20mph construction zone, when I caught her at the traffic light for the construction, she yelled how I had no idea what it was like to live up there and yada yada, she owned the road and would not cross the yellow line for anyone. So be careful out there, for many in Laramer county, the anti-bike sheriff does represent them.