Without Limits Productions / Boulder Racing Statement on the future of our events

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Cliff notes to the Press Release
Boulder racing drops use of ACA timing system for their future events

First off, we'd like to thank you for your patience this week while the ACA worked through finalizing the results from Saturday and Sunday's events. Concerning last week’s Superior Morgul we’d like to take a moment to discuss the history and future of Without Limits/Boulder Racing cycling events. Boulder Racing was founded in 1999 with the mission of providing a quality race experience for all rider levels both on the road and in cyclocross. In similar respects, Without Limits Productions was established in 2007 to elevate the experience in the Colorado triathlon scene. In 2009, however, Without Limits saw a gap of quality chip-timing in the cyclocross world, and ventured to produce the first CYCLO X (Chip Timed) Event in December. Most of you have probably already forgotten the blistering cold 5 degree weather and 12 inches of snow, but what you can't forget is Colorado's first chip timed event with lap splits for all racers, 100% chip reads, and the announcer calling your name as you approached the finish line. To boot, we delivered quick and accurate results. On Nov 21st, 2011, we came through again in the howling winds of Union Reservoir. That day saw 80% race day registrations, lap split data, and for the first time, results online 15min after your finish. After that winter, Without Limits and Boulder Racing merged to bring you a company of passionate athletes dedicated to innovative experiences and quality race execution that we ourselves hope for and demand.

In 2011, the governing body chip timing era was ushered in. We all knew this would take patience and practice to implement at races both small and large. We worked with the governing bodies on the implementation of their timing system at our events. However, during that period of time we've let you down in one major area. It's been 3 years since you've experienced flawless chip timing service as you did on that snowy day. Our error has been in surrendering a significant portion of event logistics to the governing body all the while knowing what is truly possible in the world of event timing. How do we know? Simple... we're implementing it at our other events around the nation.

In 2012 we had the privilege to take over the Superior Morgul event in a partnership with Brian Hludzinski. Given the event's history it's an honor we didn't take lightly. Going into the Friday Time-Trial we had reservations with regards to delivering you accurate timed results under the current timing stucture. Three days prior to the race we made the hard decision to once again regain control over the timing and results of our event solely based on the fact that you all deserve the best. If you've ever attended one of our non-cycling events you can be assured we brought in the best. Last Friday there were challenges uncommonly faced in a time-trial; we had to delay start times (30-40 sec based on traffic), input racer data for late arrivals, and even move some start times around mid-race. Going in we had 100% confidence that these issues would be easily handled by our 3rd party company. Judging by the online results link you received at 7:50pm I'd say they handled these last minute issues that are common to every event swimmingly. Our 3rd party timing company was only able to be brought in for Friday’s event. On Saturday and Sunday we once again went into the morning with reservations, something not fair to you, the event, or the judges. This situation I can assure you will never take place again. When it comes to a Without Limits/Boulder Racing event, if there's an issue with timing, your splits, or results come see us. When it comes to all our other events there are certain criteria we set with the timer. These include, but are not limited to: 1) The ability to handle lapped riders 2) The ability to delete extra chip reads 3) The ability to add racer data mid-race to correlate to chip reads 4) The ability to merge pre-registration data to chip reads mid and post-race 5) Ability for announcer to identify all athletes 200m out 6) Results printed and posted while a race is in progress with splits. All these race characteristics lead up to one thing... accurate and quick results!

As race directors we have always believed that the entire production of the event is our responsibility. We will no longer allow policies to dictate aspects of our events that may lead to subquality results. It's a responsibility we love as it allows us to change, to make progress, and to continue to provide the community with the best events in the state. For those racing the Veloshine Mike Horgan Hill Climb, while we encourage pre-registration to save time and money, we will still have the race day option. As with Friday’s time-trial, you will be given a timing chip race morning at athlete check in. What you can expect to see in the future at Boulder Racing and Without Limits Productions Events

1) Continued Race Day entry options
2) Professional Chip Timing
3) Quick & Accurate Results
4) And Much Much more cool stuff to come!!!

***Special Note: We have met with the governing body and discussed our decision and plans for the future. You will not need your ACA Timing chip for any Boulder Racing/Without Limits Events moving forward. Chips will be provided to you at the races. You may leave your ACA chip on your bike as it will not cause timing interference. In our meeting with the ACA, we informed them that we will continue to follow the policy set forth by the board of directors for the 2012 season that excludes non-ACA chip timed events from being named as Gold and Silver events. The Veloshine Mike Horgan Hill Climb is currently awaiting the board’s decision on whether the event will be downgraded. If a downgrade does in fact
occur, please accept our sincerest apologies. It is time again to deliver the race experience you deserve. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Lance and Tony

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1. If you look at race #'s

1. If you look at race #'s people do care. I am not saying they should, but it is just a fact. Most categories, especially masters, go with the BAR/BAT points, or what ever they are called this year.

2. Not sure how I feel about this, sort of throwing the chips and ACA under the bus. The chips works fine, I was at a USAC national championship were our current chips were used. They worked perfectly, results were up quickly, they were accurate and during the crit they even had real time scoring, with riders name on each lap and real time splits to any breaks, on a score board large enough to read in the race. As it was a national championship you had to pre-register and they used an approve vendor. My experience tells me the problem is not the chips, or really even the ACA. It has to do with all the day of reg and the data going into the system. Crap data in = crap data out. Now I have no idea where the crap data issues comes from, ACA? , USAC? the registration company (Prerace, madsnyc, or what ever).

I think it is difficult to

I think it is difficult to separate the reason people choose certain races between RMRC and the quality of the events. They tend to go together and from my experience, the cat 4s seem to care the most about the RMRC with a few in the other categories who actually care. Attendance seems to be driven by quality of the event, proximity to Denver/Boulder and then whether or not it is RMRC (gold/silver) etc. Look at the numbers for the 35+ state road race last year (25) and Dead Dog as examples. Both are BAR/BAT, RMRC (gold) etc. yet had pretty sparse attendance.

It is a factor but it isn't clear it is really the main reason most choose a particular race.

Ditto...this system seems to

Ditto...this system seems to be having some issues. I just happened to look at ACA results page for my most recent race and noted that I dropped from 5th place to 11th. It's not a big deal in the end. I'm a Cat 5 so it's mainly about gaining experience and obviously no points were on the line, but what's going to happen at tomorrow's race? Or next season when I'm Cat 4? I know what I got in that race, so I guess I just want the results to reflect what I got. It's a bit of an ego thing I guess, but whatever.

Timing/ Iron Horse

Raced the Iron Horse Omnium, there were problems with their timing system, although the lead official worked extremely hard to correct racers left off the results, the Omnium results have yet to be posted officially as protests are being worked out by USAC. We did receive an email with the unofficial results that same day. Truly a great event, seems timing issues seem to be at every race???

I don't understand the

I don't understand the headaches for race day registration for everyone who has an ACA license. It should a fairly simple process for the ACA to give each promotor a database or excel file with everyone's license number and information (name, address, team....) linked together. Then on race day all the promotor would have to do is type in the license number and bam good data in the timting system. Obviously one-day licenses could be an issue for getting good data in the system. If the ACA isn't providing this information to the promotors then the promotors should be asking for it. Thanks to Boulder Racing for standing up for the racers on this issue.