Preferred Denver/Boulder Massage Therapist

It's a little more than halfway through the Cyclocross season and you might start feeling beat and a little burnt out. I think many will agree with me, a massage done by an experienced massage therapist can do wonders for the body and mind. But if you've never gone to a sports massage therapist before how do you find one? Word of mouth! My preferred therapist is an old friend and one with 18 years of experience working on many of Boulder's top athletes runners and cyclist, Kevin Jordan. He was Peter Weber's Therapist during is pro days. But that is just mine, share with others below and I'll add them to the list for others to learn about

  • Kevin Jordan 303.646.7823 (Boulder)
  • Chiropratic - Dr. Steve Melis (recommended by @MikeBrouse)
  • Matt Gibble at Raining Faith Message 720-259-2289
  • Drs Jen and Andy Harmon for Chiropractic work and Amy O'Conner for massage (Peak Sports Chiropractic. 263 2nd Ave, suite100, Niwot.)
  • Dr Dan Maduff -
  • @KneadEdMassage (Twitter)
  • Josh at Tri-Massage -
  • Better than Drugs @BetterThnnDrugs

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Favorite massage & body work

Hey friends at 303 - my guy is the same guy who works with Taylor Phinney - Boulder's own Dr. Steve Melis - Pro-Active Chiropractic combines unbelievable massage and body work with a chiropractic background to provide unparalleled relief from body aches and alignment problems. Steve has taught at the Boulder School of Massage for many years actually developing some of their curriculum. Although he no longer teaches there he has taught and influenced many of Boulder's massage therapists.

Taylor Phinney (and me) both are clients. I see Steve on a regular basis for neck, shoulder and even forearm & hand problems from all the painting I do. Yes, even artists need body work.

Pro-Active - in Gunbarrel - 303-530-4280

I use this guy named Matt

I use this guy named Matt Gibble aka Raining Faith Message. He was racing CAT 2 before I was born and is know doing it again. He also has a wealth of knowlegde about stretching/ yoga. I wish I could see him more often. He is reasonably priced and has a nice space. He is also a sponsor of Feedback Sports Racing and Junior Development Chair for Feedback Sports Racing.