Preferred Denver/Boulder Massage Therapist

It's a little more than halfway through the Cyclocross season and you might start feeling beat and a little burnt out. I think many will agree with me, a massage done by an experienced massage therapist can do wonders for the body and mind. But if you've never gone to a sports massage therapist before how do you find one? Word of mouth! My preferred therapist is an old friend and one with 18 years of experience working on many of Boulder's top athletes runners and cyclist, Kevin Jordan. He was Peter Weber's Therapist during is pro days. But that is just mine, share with others below and I'll add them to the list for others to learn about

  • Kevin Jordan 303.646.7823 (Boulder)
  • Chiropratic - Dr. Steve Melis (recommended by @MikeBrouse)
  • Matt Gibble at Raining Faith Message 720-259-2289
  • Drs Jen and Andy Harmon for Chiropractic work and Amy O'Conner for massage (Peak Sports Chiropractic. 263 2nd Ave, suite100, Niwot.)
  • Dr Dan Maduff -
  • @KneadEdMassage (Twitter)
  • Josh at Tri-Massage -
  • Better than Drugs @BetterThnnDrugs

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Technically, you are spot on. Massage does not in fact do anything for performance. Speaking to only training and performance, massage is about aiding recovery and speeding recovery in order to train and race. A good coach will tell clients that training gains are made during periods of recovery utilizing a myriad of methods including nutrition, rest, sleep and yes, massage among others.

Certainly, decades of world class cyclists and professional teams can't be wrong since they utilize soigneurs and massage therapists as part of their staff. ;-)

Thank you, Kris, for bringing the massage therapists to light on 303Cycling. We all appreciate it greatly!

acupuncture plus

Carol at acupuncture plus in Denver is great! Had chronic sinusitis for ~12yrs that specialists were saying I needed radical surgery for. After 4 months of being treated by her, I've now been almost 5 years without a single sinus attack. As a bonus, the asthma that was getting to the point of needing meds for is gone as well.


word of mouth publicity is indeed the best one. Also thanks for sharing the contact details of Kevin Jordan. Will surely look out to get a massage soon and will definitely recommend it to many others like you have.