Pre-riding course Etiquette?

Who is racing or is riding, can you tell?

Sometimes I wonder if some riders believe in etiquette on the bike, it's like the world was created for them and their bike and everyone else are props in their world. There are the roadies and their lack of conscious cycling, and the commuter/general cyclist and their inability to follow the law and now their is the pre-course-riding asshat.

This is being brought to light because Saturday at the Blue Sky Velo race a local rider Greg Keller was taken out by a pre-rider and may have broken his collarbone from the incident. There is no rider in Colorado who lives cyclocross like Greg does and now his season may be toast!

First off, what are the official rules on pre-riding an ACA non championship course? I'm sure someone out there is a walking rule book. Next, I'm not saying just because you pre-ride the course makes you an asshat, there are times there are real safety issues if you DON'T pre-ride the course, seen that happen at CU short track every year. But there are those riders who either don't care about the racers maybe because he thinks he is riding at "race pace" or there are the riders who just don't seem to be aware of racers approaching from the tail side. While he may be apologitic to the situation it still is annoying because if you are out on the course you need to be aware of potential racers at all times!

So step up on the 303cycling soap box for a moment and give us your rant on pre-riding below in the comments

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My preference would be NO on

My preference would be NO on course warm-ups. Warm up on a trainer or on nearby roads, and if you need to recon the course, do so on foot. But, if you must warm-up on the course, start a few moments after the last group of racers in a particular time slot and ride behind the slowest rider. Once the leader catches you, get off the course. Racers warming up have no right to interfere, however slightly, with the active racers.

When I was young ;)

you HAVE to check out the course... tire pressure etc all that good stuff...that said, I raced yesterday in frisco and out of the (5-6 laps in the race) I came upon people checking out the course almost every lap and had to say something to get them out of the way... they weren't paying attention at all..
When I was young :) "here goes the rant" one of the elders guys on my team (or another team for that matter) would have ripped me a new one if they saw me getting in the way of a racer.. same thing if someone was being squirrely in a paceline on the road, .. seems these days a lot of people are more apt to say "that guy shouldn't be doing that" to their buddies and just keep riding without actually talking to the person who is in the way..
go and check out the course and pay attention.. if you see someone who's oblivious, chances are they are new (ish) anyway and should get a lesson on what's right..

No, you don't HAVE to check

No, you don't HAVE to check out the course. Do you think the terrain in the vicinity of the course is sooo different that you can't get a feel for the air pressure needed, or that you can't tell from a walking recon of the course what pressure you'll need, based on your experimenting with pressures during your training?