3 Rides You Can Do this Weekend

Even Betasso is open

By Gloria Liu

Riding for Boulderites doesn’t have to be boring just because our favorite climbs aren’t open at the moment. The weather forecast for the weekend is high-50s and clear - perfect weather for fall riding. Here are three ideas that will circumvent road closures and keep your rides fun this weekend:

1) Take your ‘cross bike for a spin on the Boulder Roubaix course.

Mix it up on your cross bike with this post-flood friendly variation of the Boulder Roubaix course. Thanks to Charlie Bartel of Longmont for the route suggestion. The route alternates between road and dirt/gravel, but you’ll definitely want the ‘cross bike rather than the road bike right now as the gravel portions have seen some washout.

We’ll mostly follow the course with some post-flood concessions made for the road closure on Hygiene between 59th and 75th, but we’ll make up for the extra pavement by adding some dirt on the way from Boulder. (See the race course here: http://303cycling.com/files/roubaix_2014_v1.pdf).

Now an altered cue sheet from Boulder starting at 28th and Jay. The round trip for this ride will be 32 miles from that point, more than 50% of which is on dirt/gravel. See a map of this route and download the cue sheet.

2) Sunday Funday at Centennial Cone (MTB).

Centennial Cone is often overlooked when it comes to lower elevation weekend rides near the Front Range. It’s tucked away up Clear Creek Canyon unlike the more visible and thus top of mind trails in the Golden area. Its understated reputation notwithstanding, this is a solid intermediate ride that will give you a workout and put a smile on your face, with 2300 feet of climbing in 16.6 miles, 80% of which is singletrack. (For better or worse, those 2300 feet are interspersed throughout the ride rather than in one big grind). Best of all, you can get there in about an hour from Boulder. Enjoy stunning views and lots of ponderosa pines, tight downhill switchbacks that will exercise your cornering skills, and just enough exposure on certain sections to keep you honest...

On weekends, mountain bikers are only allowed on even-numbered days, which would fall on Sunday this week.

jeffco.us provides directions: To get to the Mayhem Gulch trailhead on Clear Creek Canyon road - Driving from Golden, the Mayhem Gulch trailhead is between mile marker 262.5 and 262, 9.5 miles from the intersection of US 6 and State Highway 93, on the north side of the road. MTBproject.com has a great description of the trail, and you can see some more stats in this file from Adam Haid of Erie.

If you’re not up for a drive, Marshall Mesa and the upper loops at Betasso are both open. Note that you’ll have to drive up to Betasso as the Canyon bike trail and the Fourmile connector remain closed. Check trail conditions on http://bouldermountainbike.org or Twitter using the hashtag #boco_trails before you go.

3) Group ride for a cause with Cyclists for Jamestown.

Get social and do good - be a part of Cyclists for Jamestown, an all-day event benefiting flood relief for Jamestown residents. There are a few group ride option rides for C4J this Saturday, including:

Afterwards, partake in the silent auction, beer from Avery, and food from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the fundraiser. More info at http://c4jtown.com/.

In closing, while we just have to be patient as we wait for some of our favorite rides to re-open, there’s no reason that you can’t have fun on your bike this weekend by doing something different, going for a short drive out of town, or participating in a social ride for good. To see closures of all Boulder County roads, visit their page for cycling closures http://maps.bouldercounty.org/roadclosuresbicycles/, and remember that not all roads that are open to vehicles are open to bikes yet (Sunshine Canyon for example). Check the map, plan your route, and then go ride!

Where do you plan on riding this weekend?

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