Would you recommend wearing headphones while riding?

Total votes: 100


"It depends"

"Recommend" is not the word, so I'm not going to vote "Yes", but I'd be a hypocrite if I voted "No" because I do wear them but only on very quiet roads with few cars (like we have a lot around here in the mountains), usually just when climbing (slower, and can hear cars better, with little to no wind in the ears), usually only in one ear (right side) and with a lower volume - and I think that's fine. I wouldn't "recommend" that cyclists wear them on busier roads in both ears, by all means!
So for those people answering "No", I wonder how many still do wear them, in the situations I mention above? Do maybe you should have a 3rd option: it depends.

It depends for me too

I agree with "It depends." I have no problem with wearing one earbud while riding (the right ear of course so I can hear traffic and other riders). It makes my commute more fun. But would I recommend it on the trail or with both buds in? No. It's annoying, rude and unsafe to come up on another rider who has both buds in and blasting. The "on the left" thing doesn't work because no matter how loud you say it, they still give you the "Where the F did you come from" look.

i can still hear traffic

i can still hear traffic better while wearing buds than i can with the radio on when i'm driving

its a pretty stupid double standard.

plus its not like NOT hearing a car makes think "oh yeah man i'll just change lanes without checking behind me since i cant hear anything so it ust be clear..." cmon

I agree with bikers being disrespectful

I totally agree with riders disobeying the laws of the road. If I could and one day that I have nothing to live for I would run them over without a care in the world. Especially the ones that have the audacity to ride on rural roads that aren't made for bikes, and for the ones that ride on busy intersections during rush hour! So yeah, wear those headphones so if you get run over the driver can blame you for wearing them and there is one less of you on the streets. Here is a hint, ride on the designated bike paths built on the sidewalks! Oh yeah, I forgot... You bikers are ignorant.

I agree...

...with some cyclists and folks like yourself being ignorant. Have you ever tried to look at this issue from the eyes of a law abiding cyclist or motorist? Not every rider out there is out to spoil your drive. Many really do want to make sure that both groups get along in a relatively peaceful manner. The fact that your comments are so significantly one sided with no regard for human life really does point to people like yourself being a major factor in cyclists and cars not properly sharing the roadway.


Boulder might have a few seperate bike paths, but almost no other cities in CO do. Last time i checked, according to the LAW, bicycles are considered vehicles and are legal on any road unless specifically banned (like expressways). I will actually apologize for cyclists that disresepect the laws and piss off drivers because it makes it worse for all of us who do try to ride and be respectfull and safe.

Your cavalier attitude towards someone else's life pretty much makes me think you are a blithering idiot! How would you like if i got in my truck and just ran over your child or your mother because she slowed me down for 5 seconds! Think about that you moron!

wow really you want to kill

wow really you want to kill us bikers you are some weird .... up person to tell you the trouth i mountain bike and road so how about you scoocer mom ore dad shut the .... up and let us bikers be. oh and btw we are not ignorant we just dont give a .... about some people when we bike and thats means scocer moms and dads so go get a some buger king you fat .... girl and never talk again on this web site again

Who's ignorant?

I do agree some cyclist are disrespectful, as are some motorists. I wonder, Mr. Courageous, how you would feel, if someone with your attitude decided to threaten a group with a gun? Tell me the difference. By youe posting, it's quite obvious who is the ignorant one.