What is a reasonable speed for a stop?

0 mph
1-2 mph
3-8 mph
speed I am going -1mph
Total votes: 271


No one answer

There is no one answer. Totally depends on the stop sign. On a three way intersection when you're going straight through on a continuous bike lane: speed I am going -1mph.

At a normal 4 way stop without traffic? 3-8mph

At a normal 4 way stop where you wait for one car? 1-2mph

At a 4 way stop with many cars (or a police car): 0mph brief track stand.

Rolling stop

I was taught in Drivers' Ed that when/if you arrived at a stop sign and there was no traffic visible, it was "safe and prudent" to not stop-- as long as your car came nearly to a full stop (1-3 mph, as my teacher said). I see goo-hoos of cars that must blow through stop signs at 10-12 mph! But if the county wants to crack down on cyclists, I guess they need something that's easy for them.

It depends...

There are so many factors that will alter my answer. At night, when there's no traffic to be seen, I still slow down, ready to stop, but will usually just keep going. If there is a car at a four-way/three-way when I arrive, or if there's any doubt about what opposing traffic will do, I put my foot down.