Poll shows Boulderites don't want to give up cars for bikes

In in the Bubble where we love organic, yoga, solar and yes, we love our cars apparently according to a recent survey. Look beneath the surface and in some ways Colorado isn't that much different from the midwest. For those who grew up in Boulder and saw it's transition over the past 30 years I'm not surprised by a resistant to leaving their cars or from the ones moved here simple for the money of jobs but we cyclists are different right? Take our poll, would you give up your car for biking?

From the Daily Camera

Talmey-Drake Research and Strategy Inc. said in a written report to the county that focus groups have shown that "support for alternative transportation efforts is driven not by what would get a person out of their own car, but by the hope those programs get others out of their cars so the roads are less congested for them as they continue to drive."

In a recent poll for Boulder County, the company found that none of several suggested strategies for getting people to drive less scored high amongst most of the people surveyed.
Receiving the highest rating at 5.5 was a set of county-subsidized improvements designed to make it "safer for children and others to get around by walking and biking."

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