Could you give up your car for biking?

Total votes: 173


One less car, indeed.

Can you do this? You bet. We an extent. It helps to make a conscious effort to work where you live. Shop where you live. Find dentists and doctors and hair stylists down the block.

Not only does this save an inordinate amount of time, but you really get to know your community: a lost art in my opinion. It was a major life overhaul for us--a huge effort to get here.

But it can be done.

That being said we only went from 3 cars (and a camper) at one point to 1. But I still consider it a success. We're currently brainwashing our children to continue the progress.

embarrassing results on this poll

Are cyclists reading this? I would have guess much higher on the yes's. Wonder how many decades will it take to clean up the community planning that was done decades before? Maybe we are taking the poll to literally, could you live most of the time without your car. Hell yes right? If no than maybe you need to rethink where and how you live... and the bike really has nothing to do with it.

Yeah, I'll keep my car. Thanks.

I did the whole no car thing for a solid five years of adulthood. Could I live most of the time without a car? Sure.

However, having a car provides far more opportunity. Whether it be allowing me to live somewhere that isn't in an urban setting or being able to load up the bike to be able to ride somewhere new, the convenience and broader horizons that come from having my own personal transportation far outweighs any sense of smug self-righteousness that may come with living a car free lifestyle.

Let me know if you need a ride somewhere.