What's Your Favorite Colorado Cyclocross Venue?

Boulder Res
Golden - Lookout
Louisville Rec Center
Harlow Platts Park
CU Research Park
Total votes: 89


Good one

Added it.

Hopefully there are enough variations in the above courses for a vote. Here is how I see it
- Xilnix = very single track
- Boulder Rez = lots of sand, little elevation change
- Interlocken = Grass, grass, grass
- Louisville Rec = lots of climbing, extreme bumps, good spectator if you can find a parking spot
- Harlow Platts Park - Great overall of everything and great spectator
- CU Research Park - dirt, dirt, dirt! lots of corners, slick, rocky,

Environment Impact

I love racing cyclocross and I was racing last Saturday at Interlocken but man sections of that park were trashed. I am wondering if Boulder Racing has to pay for landscaping work. The section by the volleyball court was a disaster.

I have a feeling thats why some venues dont want a cyclocross race back for a second year. I am pretty sure thats why there are no more races at Harlow Park in South Boulder. Places like the Boulder Res and Xilinx dont really have any real grass so the environmental impact on those venues is small.

no Enviro Impact at Harlow Platts

According to City of Boulder , DBC usually paid approx $600 to the City of Boulder for aerating and minimal re-seeding after the Boulder Cup(s) at Harlow Platts. The reason you are not racing there ? It was the political might of one finish line area resident + another person who lives near the start line. Both were opposed to your activity in "their" park. Sadly, 1 of them is from the Czech Republic which for you purists may hurt just a little more. It sucks that you have so little clout that 2 people can derail a great community event. Hopefully Valmont Bike Park will solve everything

364 aint enough?

That seems like a stretch. 2 residents can put their foot down that hard and make that strong of an arguement to the City of Boulder that 364 days is simply not enough for them and they need 365 days in 'their park' to be happy. It just doesnt add up.

Either there were more complaints/issues or the City is blowin smoke and just doesnt want to accomodate or deal with the park use, etc but lets be honest folks. City of Boulder would never want to be accused of not being "Bike Friendly."

Doesnt seem like the same thing happens with 2 residents (or more) at North Boulder Park with the Crit every year but that's all on pavement, eh! Heck, I'm sure CG would even get the 2 residents an off-season weekend away at Aspen Lodge with an equally, if not better view if it were that easy.

Dont see how Valmont will be as good at HPP for 5-10 years. Long Live Harlow Platts Park CX!!!

Good Points

I am really curious as to how Valmont Bike Park will stack up as a cyclocross venue. I have seen multiple sets of stairs being built which should be fun. I doubt we will see any grass at Valmont Bike Park. Will the City of Boulder allow multiple events a year at the park?

Schoolyard Cross is on Recess

School is on recess, not over. We will back at Alexander Dawson School next year. We will have to mod the course a bit to make it fit the neighbor issues.

Schoolyard Cross is on recess at the Boulder Reservoir this year. Look for a very different course than we have seen at the Res.


I like technical

I like technical cornering sections like two years ago at Interlocken when we came downhill through the pine trees in a fun back and forth slalom.
Harlow was a great course, certainly a favorite for me with all that short, fast grass. I liked that amount of climbing too.
Xlinx is a great venue.
The second Boulder Res course from last year was really fun with some technical cornering and reasonable sand.
Louisville is a little bumpier than I prefer but I'll attend any race close to home. I do remember a fun left hand turn on grass that led to the chicane and uphill bike path from last year.


You guys still hypoxic from this weekend? What about Breckenridge? That venue was just amazing, the best way to start the season. Very well balanced with true recovery sections, technical turns, climbs, nice loamy dirt. PLUS there was a festival devoted to beer, sausage AND obnoxious music going on just a couple miles up the road! Bring back brek!!!

Brek & Frisco Weekend?

Agreed, Frisco is a good venue, but two days is a bit much. Racing at altitude is hard, but in my opinion less painful as you can only put out a limited amount of power. We need the early season CX events in the mountains because the alternative is racing the 90+degree dust bunny courses and I don't think anybody really enjoys those days.

Xilinx vs Louisville Rec Center

These results are very interesting. 34% of people like Xilinx for a cyclocross course but only 1% like Louisville Rec Center. If you look at the results from last weekend the above results are a little puzzling. 465 started at Xilinx and 536 starters at the Louisville Rec Center. Both races were Colorado Cross Cup races so they were equal in that respect. I would think there would be some sort of correlation between the number of starters and whether you like the venue.

why Louisville?

easier to get to, more spectator friendly, no "late registration" penalty, maybe people like the more challenging course or Sunday's just work out better... ...??? just throwing ideas out.

I'm probably not going out on a limb by saying it's a tougher course. Being the second race of the weekend didn't really help my results (although I likely wouldn't have done much better had the race been on Saturday, that place just kicks my #&#@!).

Good Numbers at Both races

Still good numbers at both races.

But why less at one then the other....
> 2nd race at Xilinx this year? If you only do one race a weekend then probably do a new course for the year.
> Lousiville was part of the Boulder Cyclocross Series which some people may be going for?
> Lousiville closer to Denver area?
> $35 vs $25 day of race? Maybe...