Allen Lim gets shut down by the Boulder Police

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Listen to what Allen has to say about this incident

Did you get a chance to enjoy any of Allen Lim's awesome rice cakes? No, that sucks because as of last Saturday Allen has been shutdown by the Boulder Police. I'm sure there was some law that was being broken yet somehow I find it hard to believe that this was the most serious law breaker at the time of day Saturday. Was it worth it? According to some comments on our Facebook page apparently if no money is exchanged than what he was doing is fine... at least for now until some new law comes into affect.'

I DID have a rice cake from Allen on Saturday before the Police and have to say this will be my food choice next week at the 66 mile Voodoo race in Pueblo CO. More on Allen Lim and Skratch Labs

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How about Boulder contain the panhandlers that are on every exit out of the Whole Foods/Vitamin Cottage parking lot, that with their mere presence is a harassment of sorts.

There is dinner and lodging at the shelter in NoBo.