Poaching Valmont Bike Park

Not Cool! Got this emailed to me today

The Parks staff contacted us today and there were two different groups of riders poaching Valmont today. Unfortunately, the riders did not even stick to the trails and rode through areas that were graded and prepped for seeding. This caused some damage and the city is pissed off. Money is really tight, and the money to repair this comes out of the bike park.Â

It would be a bad idea to form a lynch mob to find the riders, we need to put a clear message out that this is unacceptable, and the city will prosecute anyone caught riding on the site before it is open. Please post the message below (or pen your own) on FB, blogs, etc to get the word out. If we do not nip this in the bud, the problems will get bad.

"Valmont Bike Park is NOT open yet. Riders poaching the park were on the site today, and caused damage to the site. The damage caused will delay the park, and anyone caught riding on site will be prosecuted by the city. Very poor form was demonstrated by these riders and reflects negatively on BMA and the community. If you are thinking about sneaking over the fence for a preview, get ready for a date with the judge, our friends at the Parks Department have issued a very stern warning. The Parks Department is bending over backwards to expedite the construction and provide a great riding/racing/training facility, and we are making their job harder."

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Lynch Mob

I dunno, I think it would be pretty entertaining to see a bunch of skinny cyclists out hunting their park poaching buddies. Maybe the park needs some gallows right inside the main gate. When we find out who did it, they can spend a few days there while the rest of us berate them.

In all honesty, if I concretely knew who it was I would rat them out. I've seen the cycling community dump an enormous amount of time and energy into the project. To hear about riders disrespecting that work and jeopardize BMA's relationship with the city is disgraceful.