Poachers are worse than blood dopers

View of the cyclocross steps and DON'T RIDE IT UNTIL IT OPENS

I must believe that the boneheads who poach Valmont Bike Park do not read 303cycling (hard to believe, all cyclist should read this!) because we've said it multiple times DON'T RIDE VALMONT UNTIL IT OFFICIALLY OPENS!

This is what the people are saying to me


"Is that park going to happen?"

"What the hell is the status of the park!"

These are quotes I'm hearing from cyclist and it looks like the city is going to give us a teaser update with photos. The city has purposely been quite on this to avoid building to much excitement and cause uncontrollable desire to ride her. But Valmont Bike Park cannot go behind the moon until their projected opening day of Spring 2011, riders and those who have made contributions want to know what is going on. However publishing news could backfire for cyclist when grumpy citizens learn of this amazing park and wonder why they are funding it when many other city programs are taking budget cuts so the city is really doing us a favor one might say to keep it on the down low until it opens.

Spring 2011

That is the projected open date so DON'T RIDE IT OR EVEN HIKE IT until it is open.

Damaged caused by poachers!!

News Item: 


It's worth waiting for

It's going to be sweet! I can almost feel myself hacking up a lung while shouldering my bike in a fogged mental state, about 35 minutes into a cross race. Those stairs are going to hurt.

As for park poachers, I'd be happy to see some night-watch guards armed with paintball guns....

Anticiption is sweet

Look at this cyclocross season as training so you can put on your best showing next year when the park is open. Look at the wait as the reward for MTBers coming out of a cold winter itching to ride again.

Love the paintball gun idea...

Why is anyone "funding" this or any other trail/bike park

I'm not being a grump or anything, I was just wondering if anyone knew why they don't just have volunteers build everything around here? Every town i've ever lived in did it that way and a lot more things got done, faster, FOR FREE! For instance we wanted some dirt jumps and a pump track at the local park, some cyclists went to city hall to get approval, about a week later we got approved. We had three people voluteer their bobcats, along with about 15-20 other volunteers and we had some Valmont caliber dirt jumps and a sweet pump track in 4 days. Anyway keep up the good work on the bike park. It makes me less sad to pay my taxes when I know part of it is going to the bike park.

I don't have the skills to help build

I heard the Master Builder talk about how they are constructing the park and I also got to tour the state of the park and I and 100% tell you I don't remotely have the skills to build the park. I could rake the dirt and clear some brush but that is 1% of what they need. They have hired trail builders who have done this before, they have civil engineers to help manufacture the correct kind of dirt mix and design appropriate drainage. They have hauled in so much dirt that this effort alone is a management nightmare. There are bobcats and other tractors all over the place and farm grade sprinklers. Road construction crews building the parking lot and road ways. Architects have designed the building on site and construction crews are set to build it. Civil engineers designed the bridges and welders created it..... So hand me a rake and I'll get the leaves when they fall.