PLAN Boulder's stance on USPro Challenge

Remember this when you go to the polls to vote! Boulder needs representation for cyclists and it is not this group.

From PLAN Boulder
PLAN-Boulder County Position on USAPro Cycling Challenge for 2014

Open Space Board of Trustees Meeting 9/11/2013

PLAN-Boulder County supports Boulder’s hosting of the 2014 Cycling Challenge. It was a popular event in 2012, though we would question the alleged financial benefits and we are dubious about claims for its importance to promote Boulder’s “brand.”

If there is anything that represents Boulder’s brand, it is our long-time commitment to preserving our open space, as well as our practice of an open and public decision-making process, and it is important that we learn from our experience in 2012, repeating the things we did well, and rectifying the errors.

  • One thing we did well was to close most of Flagstaff and its access trails beginning well before the race and continuing until the crowds have dispersed. OSMP staff and volunteers fenced off likely shortcuts and established excellent crowd control and public information. That effort must be repeated.
  • It was also appropriate that OSMP expenses assisting with the race were partially offset by other funds. They should be covered fully in 2014. The race is clearly not an open space purpose and should be subsidized with the expenditure of dedicated open space funds. It is illegal to do so.
  • A major error in 2012 was that the public process was avoided or subverted. There were many major issues that were not addressed; this board was consulted after all decisions had been made. We need to move in the opposite direction.
  • The change in the ordinance prohibiting competitive events on open space was ill-advised and rushed. It should be restored to its original form.
  • To support the race and reverse the bad precedent set in 2012, PLAN-Boulder County supports action by OSBT to initiate the transfer of Summit Road and portions of the parking lot at its end to another city department. Staff should be requested to draft appropriate language and boundaries so that this can be accomplished prior to the race, including the public hearings and notice periods that are required under the Open Space Charter. This would allow the race to be held in the location requested by the organizers without another tortured rewriting of the regulations governing use of open space.

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Give me a break

I completely disagree - OSMP overreacted by placing orange construction fencing along the entire length of Flagstaff Road. They did more damage to the roadside environment by installing the fence than had they just left it alone. This was a complete waste of money and should not be repeated in the future.

Why don't they run the Boston

Why don't they run the Boston Marathon in New Jersey?

Because no compelling argument has been made to move it from its historical course. There is plenty of car access. There is also plenty of spectator access if they would not close all the trails leading to the climbs. That is a silly mistake and a mis-calculation on PLAN's part. They thought that if they closed all the trails and move everyone to the roads that access would be an issue and would create trouble. It did not. Open up the trails and let the people hike their Open Space to view the bike race being held on the roads.
Sorry that Steve P's wife misses out on a couple of days rental fees to the weddings that would have been held there if not for the race.

Completely disagree with the

Completely disagree with the PLAN statement above. It is a road, not open space. It is an area that is sold by the hour for weddings and social gatherings. No process was subverted. This is simply more double speak by an out of touch group that wants complete control of Boulder.