Peter Webber inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Local cyclist, Peter Webber, was recently inducted into the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame. Read on the Daily Camera more about Peter Webber and why he got into the hall.

"IMBA has sold nearly 30,000 copies of the two books in 60 countries worldwide. They have been adopted as official policy by many land managers, cited in scientific literature, reproduced in myriad websites and manuals, and served as the core curriculum for thousands of trail building classes. It's hard to find a trail boss or public land official who doesn't have these books on their shelf."
"I think a lot of people don't realize how much volunteer work he's done over the years and continues to do to this day, whether it's for Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, or the racing community, or for Valmont Bike Park, he just gives, gives and gives."

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