Pedal the Plains offers a 120 mile Gran Fondo on 9/22, Starting in Burlington

The term Gran Fondo translated from Italian means “Ride of Great Depth or Great Endurance”

Many cyclists do Gran Fondos to challenge themselves in a personal battle against the distance and then ultimately the clock. Although Gran Fondos are not considered races, entrants’ times are recorded and each rider is given a finishing position. While the majority of the riders will be happy to complete the distance, some participants will ride the event like a race. Typically there are prizes and prestige awarded to the top finishers.

PTP Gran Fondo offers the traditional century rider the opportunity to go to the next level in a controlled environment. Let us help you see how far you can go this season!

Just over 120 miles, the PTP Gran Fondo course will provide a challenge for all levels of endurance cyclists. The PTP Fondo route is peppered with rolling hills and varied terrain, as well as beautiful lush farmland scenery throughout. When they are not focusing on the core task at hand, riders will drink in the solitude and peaceful surroundings while listening to the plethora of meadowlarks singing their songs of approval!

The PTP Gran Fondo will include two sprint stages and modest cash prizes and awards (1st – 3rd) for overall time and combined sprint points for both men and women. The route will feature five aid stations located in the towns of Stratton, Siebert, Joes, Idalia and on the outskirts of Burlington. Musette bags and energy drinks will be provided by Skratch Labs. Stay tuned for announcements about local pro riders and celebrities who will be participating!

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Listen to our recent interview about, Pedal the Plains with the ride director, Chandler Smith, Reed Rowley from the Govenor's office, Chef Biju, and Jon from Skratch Labs.

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Clockwise from center, Biju, Reed, George Thomas (headphones), hidden is Chandler

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