2013 Pedal the Plains Route Announcement & kick-off

Gov Hickenlooper

The kickoff presentation yesterday that outlined the route for the Pedal the Plains was so energizing and exciting that I almost went out and bought a road bike when it was over. I’m sort of kidding. Not about the exciting and energizing part. Just the part about me buying a road bike (unless you know of a really great deal). But truly from the governor to Chandler Smith the director of Pedal the Pains it was obvious that a lot of thought and heart goes into planning this very cool and family friendly event.

As our state historian, Bill Convery said, “Riders will go through significant and interesting historical landscapes.” For the 3-Day Tour the Pedal the Plains will start in Eads Colorado and continue onto Lamar (first overnight) and then the second overnight will be in La Junta. On day three the riders will leave La Junta and return to Eads. For those riding the Century, the riders will ride from Lamar to La Junta with a Rocky Ford loop. For families wishing to participate but perhaps not desiring saddle sores, there will be a nice 5 mile ride through Eads. For this one you can trade in your lycra for jeans and costumes.

See all 3 different routes at Pedal the Plains

What is evident is that no matter which ride you choose you will see the magical and productive side of Colorado. Where the food we eat is grown. Where family comes first and strangers are welcomed as if they are old friends. Not only will riders meet the people but they will interact with historical sites like the Santé Fe Trail, Bent’s Old Fort and the National Cemetery to name a few.

Author: Cheri Felix

After all was said and done, after we rode on B-Cycle bikes through the streets of Denver to the Denver Bicycle Café (extremely cool café) with Governor Hickenlooper, I was sure of one thing; we are lucky to live here. Lucky to live in a state where something like Pedal the Plains happens. And I think I heard Chandler Smith promise that the winds would be at our backs. Wink wink.

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