Community Cycles launches PedalSmart program

BOULDER —January 16, 2013 — Bicycling isn’t just a way to get from one place to another; it’s an avenue to a better life. And when businesses get on board, great things happen. That’s why Community Cycles has launched PedalSmart, a program for local companies to inspire their employees to bike to work.

A key element of the program is to educate people on how to become better bike commuters. To accomplish this, PedalSmart Bike Ambassadors will travel to participating companies’ offices and provide onsite workshops on everything there is to know about bike commuting including gear, bike maintenance, bike skills and more.

PedalSmart also offers an online Trip Tracker where employees will create personal profiles and be able to monitor their trips by bike. Each month, top commuters will be awarded prizes, which will be announced in a monthly newsletter.

“At Community Cycles, we are committed to getting more people on bikes,” says Sue Prant, advocacy and development director. “Bike commuting helps reduce stress and keeps people fit and healthy, but for some it can be intimidating and hard to get into. That’s why we created the PedalSmart program for local companies to make it easier—and more convenient—for their employees to learn all there is to know about bike commuting and get started.”

Developed by Community Cycles, PedalSmart is supported through a grant from Colorado’s Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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