Eco Broker to Pedaling Lawn Care... using the Bike to sale

Where was that park? Did you see that bike path? How easy is it to get to the neighborhood school? When riding by bike you see things you never would have noticed or thought about then if you had been in a car, that partly what is behind today's next generation Real Estate Salesman. Pedal Properties of Boulder is not a typical real estate shop, they allow their clients to explore and search for homes in a neighborhood... by bike, allowing their customers to really experience the neighborhood outside of the box... the metal box. Pedal Properties recently moved into a new location on the corner of pearl and 20th, where outside their office you can see part of their fleet of crusier bikes they use to take customers around on. Currently they have over 36 bikes in town, most can be found at local hotels like the St. Julian, free for customers to use as they stay at the hotel. One of the founders, Chris Sweeny, is a 2 time Ironman triathlete who took his passion for bikes and found a niche for it in his work. Now Pedal Properties has gotten the eyes of many, Entrepreneur magazine named them a business to keep an eye on in 2009 and other publications have made similar statements.

While Pedal Properties might have been first at this, they are no longer alone, recently Bike Denver announced of another "eco Real Estate Broker". This concept is also not limited to the real estate market either, check out this list of local businesses who use bikes in their work or as a major part of their marketing.

There are probably about 10 more not mentioned, if you know of one please add it to the comments section. also as a program for "bike friendly biz", this doesn't imply that these businesses use bikes in their biz but some might, worth checking out

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