Drunk Driving Lyons Cyclist Killer is not competent to stand trail

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so he's not competent to

so he's not competent to stand trial but he's competent to retain his driver's license, or what?? If this guy is still out on the road driving with some kind of mental / anger management issue then I see the state being liable for any further havoc he creates.

Not Competent to stand trial

Not Competent to stand trial is not a "Get out of Jail Free Card". The guy is still locked up and will be in a mental institution. If/When he is sane then there will be a trail. No statutes of limitations on killing people. Well, to side step there is a different of the present mental status and the mental status when the crime was commited. Now we are talking some real murky soup of the legal system.

Ward is not going to see any kind of freedom for years and he is already 69.