E-Bikes seem unsafe by some on path

Recently Boulder reached out the the Boulder community for their input on the new ordinance that allows e-bikes on some of the cities multi use paths like the Boulder Creek path. However some citizens are voicing their opinions of safety and it appears that unsafe behaviors like possible pathletes might put this new ordinance in jeopardy.

From the Daily Camera

"I'd say for the most part people are pretty careful," Fleishman said. "They want it to be safe and they want to enjoy the path."

Melody Parker and Greg Sirois live just off the Goose Creek path and use it almost daily to walk to the grocery store, the gym and other destinations. They feel that some users, specifically cyclists using the path for recreation or training instead of commuting, do make the area unsafe and e-bikes could exacerbate the problem.

"I'd say that for every cyclist you see doing it correctly, you see one or more not," Sirois said. "They're riding two or three abreast, going way too fast. The most dangerous aspect is not giving you enough room when they pass. If you take a step to your left or right, you'd get smoked."

As a long time commuter of the Boulder Creek path I'd say pathletes aren't the only safety issue on the path, many times some cyclists use the path in their mind very safely (and I truly believe that to be true) but the perception of other users does not feel the same. Be aware of your actions.

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