Patellar Tendinitis


Saturday I was barely able to complete a simple, easy 2 hour ride because of an extreme pain in my knee. Even though my legs are about as straight as the Missoura river I’ve never had any problems with them… until then. When anyone in my family gets sick we consult Dr. Koop’s Self Care Advisor but that book was not going to tackle something as unique as a cyclist knees so then I turned to Andy Pruitt’s Complete Medical Guide for cyclist

I’m no doctor but with the help of this book it appears that I might have Patellar Tendinitis.


Pain in the front of the knee, below the patella, when you pedal or walk upstairs…. You may also experience pain when you merely touch the tendon…


  • Hard Sprinting
  • climbing in a big gear
  • Off the bike Activities
  • Combination of all the above (this is my assumed cause)


  • Ice it 3-4 times a day
  • NSAID’s
  • check proper fit
  • Pedal easy or stop riding for serveral days!!

Return to redneck

Being sidelined not by choice sucks, its one thing for the weather to keep you off the bike but being forced off really stinks. I tried to make the best of it by riding my newly aquired Honda XR400

I grew up on dirt bikes and have always wanted to return and Sunday I had my chance so I took it up to Lefthand Canyon and joined some Good ol boys and headed up to into the mountains. This was my second ride since getting the bike back in October and boy was it fun, makes me wonder why I ever spend so much energy pedaling. While the bike has great suspension I was still amazed at how boobs I never thought I had bounced around… how do those fat rednecks do it? Do they were bra’s?

But reality had set in when I returned to my redneck truck to pack it up as I saw hundreds of cyclist on the road…. no matter how much fun I had just had it was lost in an instant wishing I was them riding up the canyon… pedaling.

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