Panache is growing up in Boulder's Cycling world

From the Daily Camera

Panache did our first jerseys in 09. Nice design,
really gave it that "local feel"

Panache's first line of cycling clothing came out in 2008. Just more than a year ago, in March 2011, the company moved into a space off of Wilderness Place that has become a mini cycling-industry enclave, said Panache's Andy Pemberton. The space exceeded their needs, Pemberton said, “so we brought in The Service Course, which is a mechanic service, and Colby Pearce, a coach, he has an office here as well.”

But the extra space also gave Panache plenty of room for a design studio -- a place where clients want custom-designed cycling kits (matching shorts and jerseys). Clients can work with a designer in person and then return to check the fabric samples of the kits, or “strike-offs,” of their design on the shorts and jersey.

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