Painting Pinkies at USA Pro Cycling Challenge to support Boulder Fire Fighters

Team ten20, one of Colorado's largest women's cycle team, will be painting pinkies pink at the US Pro Cycling Challenge stage 6 to raise money for Boulder firefighters

As a team we look to be inspiring and impactful, and at the US Pro Cycling Challenge, coming to Colorado later this month, Team ten20 is set to descend upon the crowd watching the pro racers as they come through stage 6 in Boulder and Paint Pink Pinkies for Boulder Rural Fire Department.

Through this grass roots effort, our goal is to raise money for the brave men and women fire fighters of our very own Boulder Rural Fire Department who have been out this summer (and numerous other times) fighting the Colorado wild fires.

We though no better connection between our cycling team and the grand audience out to watch the USPCC then to canvas the crowd in our racing kits (pink/orange jerseys, knee socks, shorts & skirts), pink nail polish in hand, to ask who will have their pinkies painted pink for a $1 (each nail - though no limit to the donation - perhaps all ten fingers for $10.20) - all donated funds will go directly into fire fighter boots and to the BRFD!

In addition to being out in the crowd along the race course - ten20 spa will host a pinky bar and lounge all day Saturday, August 25th from 11 am - 6pm. Come cool off in the spa, have your pinky painted pink and enjoy a cold beverage and treats from our sponsors.

ten20 is located on the NE corner of Pearl + 20th Street, at the east end of the USPCC Finish Festival.

The scoop on Team ten20 ::

With over 88+ women on the team we are one of the largest women's cycling teams in Boulder - in just our first formal year as an ACA sanctioned team

Team ten20 is a non-pro cycling club open to women of all abilities. The team encourages, coaches, and enables cyclists to improve their skills, ride more often, and most importantly ride together as women.

we are active, highly visible, socially and community active women influencers. Our ranks include:

• At least 2 women on our team are active apparel designers, nurses, PR professionals, business owners, start-up entrepreneurs (in the food, medical, and fitness industries), yoga instructors and lawyers

• We also boast at least one dentist, physical therapist, nutritionist, jewelry designer, sporting industry sales rep, festival owner, and event planner

• Brand new mothers, experienced mothers, even a mother of 5 (who podiums at races!)

We host a new route every week, totaling over 1000 logged miles by the end of the year!

International brands sponsor the team alongside our local Boulder supporters. These companies hail from the natural product industry to cycling-related gear to beauty and health services.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that a vehicle outfitted with an advertisement generates 23,000 impressions per day in a typical US metro. Therefore, by extrapolating 80 women on the team and riding only on 1 day per week for 26 weeks a year (a very conservative amount of riding!) we’ve projected impressions to be almost 51 million.

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