Why I commute by bike winner announced

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Why I commuter by bike contest to win a pair of Ergon PC2 Commuter Pedal. The winner..... Robert Rowe. Below is the winning reason and all the runner ups.


Cycling to/from work is a stress release, and a chance to go at my pace, whether it's fast that day, or slow the next. At work, I drive for a living, so leaving my car at home as often as possible is important. (I also get to compete with my boss who also commutes by bike quite often.)

Runner ups
Sy Nayman I commute because it's an excellent way to maintain volume in the off-season; you get to tell manly-man stories about frozen water bottles, near encounters with coyotes and dear in Cherry Creek Lake Park during the winter months; seeing troops of raccoons in Cherry Creek when it's dark; watching the Denver landscape wake up in spring, flourish in summer and go to sleep in winter; and, most importantly, you're present with yourself and nature 2x a day while avoiding man-made craziness of talk radio and rush hour traffic!

Craig Aiken Commuting gives me a 45-60 minute break from the rat race, each way. I get to enjoy the fresh morning air, and have a good chuckle at the angry people driving their cars. I don't ride every day. I ride when I can. And to top it all off, I get in at least two workouts a day!

Dana Hougland I commute because when I am jumping curbs, racing cars and practicing track stands I feel 15 and not 55. Responsiblity lurks at either end, but for an hour I can be totally free.

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