Lyons' Oskar Blues Bar & Grill named one of Outside Magazine's top 10 bars for cyclists.

Photo Credit: Eddie Clark


In a redefinition of the term "biker bar", Outside magazine has named Lyons, CO's Oskar Blues Bar & Grill one of the nation's top 10 bars for cyclists.

Although we can't say we entirely agree with their assessment "Best for: Music-loving SSers and roadies". Evidently if you have gears on your mountain bike Oskar Blues just isn't your kind of place?

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Yeah right, Roadies......with big loud motors on their bikes

Live in Lyons and OB's is great for the ATB and CX crowds, but I never see road bikes, road bikes on cars in the parking lot, or "roadies" at OB's. Last I checked, "roadies" don't hang out at bars. In Lyons we generally only see road cyclists at the Stone Cup, the Barking Dog, or on the Fruit Loops. The only "roadies" you will find at OB's have motors on their bikes. Outside needs to stick to reviewing backpacks and sleeping bags cause they sure do a poor job with anything bike related.