"A silver-lining opportunity to build roads for today’s uses"

From Bicycle Colorado

Like so many others in Colorado, we are shaking our heads in awe of the effect of the floods in parts of our state over the past week. We applaud the efforts of rescue workers and all the people helping their neighbors during this very difficult time. Gov. John Hickenlooper said the other day, "Our roads are broken. Our bridges are broken. But our spirits are not broken."

A silver-lining opportunity to build roads for today’s uses

We think the planning process for rebuilding roads could happen quickly, and we will speak up for people who bike. Many roads that were damaged or destroyed are “legacy roads”—built before today’s best practice of including paved shoulders and bike facilities.Watch your email for how you can help.

How are conditions where you ride?

As the Front Range weather turns warmer and drier, many of you will be on your bike, proving that our spirits are alive and well. Please ride smart: Watch for unexpected obstacles, avoid riding through water and respect road, trail and path closures.

News is still coming in about affected north Front Range rides, especially in the Boulder area. Before you take to the road, be sure to check CDOT's road information website (and app), cotrip.org.

There is no single resource for reporting closures of the bike paths and trails that many use for commuting and recreation. We're asking our Facebook fans to report in on conditions, including whether paths are open and passable, covered with water, or strewn with debris. Please help with your own reports here as conditions are changing daily.

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