New Hill Climb to add to your Bucket List

Love gravel? Love to ride up? Love to try something new? Here is a new ride to add to your bucket list of rides, the Ophir Hill Climb near Telluride Colorado. See the Official Ophir Hill Climb page

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Dear Promoters....

...Some great thoughts in these postings. Would you please call me so I can tell you exactly what I want the rcing calendar to look like? I don't care about your costs, the difficulty of permits, the need for volunteers, etc. I just want what I want.

did you Really look at the schedule

Granted, a Very quick glance at the racing calender from 2012 surprised me (better than trying to fix the xmas lights) 5 gold crits, 7 silver crits, 2 Bronze crits hmmmmmm 1 gold hill climb, 1 silver HC, and 5 bronze HC, so it should really be the BACR Best all around Crit Races. You could just race crits and be near the top for the overall.

i mean this is Colorado, more crits??? Please!!!

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