Watch the Mens Olympic Road Race at the Boulder Cycling Lounge

Don't miss the fun events being held at the Boulder Cycling Lounge this week as the Olympics gets under way. Watch LIVE from the Lounge as the Boulder Olympic men's team go for the gold. Cheer on Taylor, Timmy and Tejay! Come on by, the TV's are bike, the space is accommodating and it's way better than watching it at home alone at 4am or recorded and learning BEFORE you watch it what the outcome is already (come-on, in today's technology you can't hide from internet spoilers)

Events Schedule

Friday, 7/27:

  • Lounge opens at 6:30pm; Opening Ceremonies from 7p-11p
  • Free pizza samples courtesy of Z Pizza
  • Free fro-yo samples courtesy of Spooners

Saturday, 7/28:

  • Lounge open 4am - 11pm - Men's Cycling Road Race from 4am - 10am featuring 3 Boulder locals representing the USA
  • Dish Gourmet here making the "Phinney Benny" sandwich (for sale) from 4am-10am
  • Bike Caffe espresso coffee cart here from 4am-10am
  • We will most likely be getting some coverage from 9News -either they will be here shooting or we will be sending them footage to air later in the day

Sunday, 7/29:

  • Lounge open 6am - 11pm - Women's Cycling Road Race from 6am-10am featuring Boulder local Evelyn Stevens representing the USA

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