Officials close Heil Ranch

From the BMA today

It's bad and getting worse. The ground is saturated and not drying out. And MANY people aren't exercising good judgement.

Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS) has closed the Wapiti, Ponderosa Loop, Wild Turkey and Picture Rock (above the quarry) Trails until further notice. Picture Rock remains open from the Lyons side to the quarry.

OSMP still has the Springbrook Loop closed and word is that Doudy Draw is wrecked and should be closed as well.

We applaud BCPOS and OSMP for taking these actions. Sometimes you have to take steps like these to protect our precious assets.

Who knows how soon it will dry out? We strongly encourage everyone to make use of the sites below to determine if the trail is ridable. And don't forget to contribute to them if you have information others can benefit from.

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That is a good move. So

That is a good move. So many mtb riders around here are clueless. I have been shocked on road rides over the last week at all the mud covered mountian bikes I see on top of cars heading north out of Boulder.

Clearly the people who know what is up are not riding these trails, but way too many poorly informed people are.


I noticed the same thing when I was riding on the road on Saturday. I must have seen at least a dozen cars with bikes on top between Broadway and US36 and St. Vrain Road completely covered in mud. I know riding dirt roads is not alot of fun but when the trails are this wet its better to stay off of them.