North Boulder Park US Cycling Monument

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There it is

As I invision a colonoscopy, I arrive at North Boulder Park in the future to see my vision in its represented form. Am I dead? Is this hell? Is this the instrument that offended my last bit of virginity?


No No NO
Please allow me to intoduce myself. I am a man of wealth and taste. When I comment upon a work of art I do so in faith. Once again life imitates art. Everything is bike. This is my life. In so much as this is the living truth i can comment in complete sincereity that from, my bowles i love this life of cycling. where i stive to add humor please do not derive sinicism. that is not me. viva le north boulder park and the spark of colorado life. ride a mile with me and then judge me

I was reading through the

I was reading through the comments and there is just so much negativity. but that made me look at the sculpture more and i have to agree. I think the loops need to be replaced with something that looks more like winding up and down mountain roads and trails. not doing backflips over and over again. who does that? it definitely gives the impression of gymnastics, not cycling.

The role of the observer

"The meaning of a work of art is shaped by the artist's intentions as well as by the unique perspectives observers bring to the viewing experience. It is natural for art observers to seek answers to the question What is going on here? by reviewing their own past experiences and memories, in addition to looking for clues about what the artist is trying to communicate. The artist has used colors, shapes, textures, light and space to convey content in a representational or nonrepresentational format that may include symbolism and underlying themes. Knowledge of the artist's intended meanings may add to, but is not essential to, a viewer's recognition of forms and interpretation of a work of art. The meanings of an artwork emerge out of interaction between the artist's creative expression and viewer analysis."

As an observer in this case, my "unique perspective" is... "don't do it!"

While I celebrate the idea of an artistic rendering of a vague concept, I do not believe it appropriate in this case. What's wrong with a good 'ole bronze statue of a handful of guys all out in a bunch sprint?