North Boulder Park Criterium

Description: North Boulder Criterium is a Colorado cycling iconic race. For many years this race served as finishing race in the Red Zinger Bike Race. While this doesn't the the award for oldest race in Colorado, City Park in Denver has that, this one probably has the most exposure and attendance than any other race. Starting in 1974 this race has see a lot of great racing though the course of the first to decades was larger than the one used today [Anyone know the official old course?]. This race truly symbolizes Colorado bike racing and those show respect for it's history Boulder will be constructing a North Boulder Park Monument plan to start construction in summer of 2010. This was the race that Davis Phinney watched as a 16yr and knew this was the sport for him. At the height of it's popularity, it was said that as many as 300,000 people descended upon North Boulder Park to witness the Men's and Women's Pro Races.

Past Coverage and Photos of North Boulder Criterium

Past Winners
  • 2013 Yannick Eckmann
  • 2012 Frank Pipp
  • 2011 Jorge Espinoza
  • 2010 Alex Howes
  • 2009 Ian MacGregor
  • 2008 Jorge Espinoza
  • 2007 Phil Zajicek
  • 2006 Will Frischkorn
  • 2005 Pete Lopinto
  • 2004 Submit Winner
Past Winners
  • 2013 Julie Emmerman
  • 2012 Alison Powers
  • 2011 Megan Hotman
  • 2010 Megan Hottman
  • 2009 Gina Grain
  • 2008 Mara Abbott
  • 2007 Mara Abbott
  • 2006 Maegan Daigler
  • 2005 Catherine Powers
  • 2004 Submit Winner

Course: It has changed a little from the past but majority stays the same, left turns around North Boulder Park

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