North Boulder Park Cycling Monument

After nearly 5 years of work sculptor Kimmerjae Macarus will most likely have their creation which is a celebration of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic series constructed in North Boulder Park. The sculpture symbolizes the greatness the Red Zinger/Coors Classic was and how much it not only really put Boulder Colorado in the spot light but also really was a catalyst for cycling in North America. This was the place where Davis Phinney watched the race at age 15 and then won that race 7 years later. North Boulder Park was always the final stage in the classic race except once. For more details on how great this race really was then do a simple google race or watch the video way below. Learn more about North Boulder Park should get the bike monument

North Boulder Park Cycling Monument

north Boulder park bike monument

Currently the monument is approved and mostly funded with donations coming from Alcoa and Coors Brewing but you can also join in and donate by buying a cobble stone.

Location of North Boulder Bike Monument

The Monument
There are also other views of the monument and the location is shown above. Here are some words on design aspects of the sculture

"Marcus wanted to create a large statement for a large space, something that had presence from even across the park. It would often be seen against the front range hills or sky. The ribbon of metal coils are like the Colorado roads the racers had before them and from some angle the loops the loops become bikes themselves, one "off the front" with the pack chasing behind.

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