Review of Seasons, the movie

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What a night in Boulder! Last night's showing at the Boulder Theater of Seasons was amazing, and not so much because of the movie! It always amazes me to see the large amount of folks who come out to attend these events, just one look outside the theater and you would see bikes piled on bikes or stacked next to anything lockable, HUNDREDS! The demographics were all over the spectrum too, hard to find a familiar face but I finally did see the every present Greg Keller.

Picture Rock Trailhead in Lyons town meeting tonight

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Below is from the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

On Tuesday, April 29, BCPOS staff will hold an Open House at the Lyons High School Cafetorium at 6pm to gather public input on the trailhead facilities that will mark the northern terminus of the Picture Rock Trail. This issue has created a significant amount of controversy and dialogue in the greater community of Lyons. BMA has kept silent on this issue, mainly because early on, we were assured by the County planning team that a 'no parking access point' would be established along Red Gulch Road, making access a non-issue for cyclists.

It's been our position that we don't care where the trailhead actually is, as long as we can get to the dirt in a short period of time. That position has not changed, but we feel we, as a community of responsible visitors and owners of public lands, need to 'get the backs' of BCPOS staff as they work through these issues.

Unfortunately, it seems this open house will be full of angry, opinionated people who are making a lot of noise, but not offering substantive solutions. It's NIMBYism at its worst, and we on the BMA advocacy team hate to see it in action and would rather not expose ourselves to it.

Davis Phinney and Tim Duggan recovering fine

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If you are like me and never open the Sports section of the paper because of the random cycling news then you might not know that Davis Phinney has recently undergone some "deep brain surgery" to help with his battle with PD. Catch up on how he is doing and the details of the surgery on his surgery and recovery

Bike to school week starts this week at some schools

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This week Heatherwood Elementary school is having here first ever Walk or Roll to School Week.

The principal had mentioned that nearly 150 students either walked or rolled to school yesterday which is HUGE considering on average this time of year you see about 5-ish bikes in the racks! And this is just the first day!

Boulder is not alone in this effort, yesterday I received an email from the Fort Collins group stating....

The City of Fort Collins Safe Routes to School Program has joined forces with the Poudre School district Wellness Committee’s “Fit for Life Campaign” as well as the City’s bike program, FC Bikes, to bring fun and fitness to area youth while improving Fort Collins’ air quality.

Bike to School Day is April 23rd, 2008 which kicks off five additional weeks of Walk and Wheeling Wednesdays to encourage children and their parents to get into the routine of walking and biking to school. (April 23rd, April 30, May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28)


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