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With all the talk about bicycle safety and riding single file etc I thought I would provide some resources to protect cyclists.

One tool a cyclist can use is the aggressive driver hot line that has been setup by the Colorado State Patrol. If you see a driver that is driving aggressively you should call *CSP (*277). Make sure you have the following information:

Interview with Excel Sports rider Nico Toutenhoofd

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303Racing recently caught up with Team Excel Sports rider Nico Toutenhoofd to find out more about this guy who has really taken on the Colorado racing by storm this year. First lets start with his 2008 results which show 7 wins and 13 podium finishes and is currently holding the Best All-round Rider title and Colorado Masters TT winner whom also had the fastest time of the day even in the P-1-2 field!

photo credit: Larry Rosa

So who is Nico?

[303racing] Tell us a little about you and your cycling background, are you a former pro? How many years have you been racing?

[Nico] I started racing at the age of 12 in the Red Zinger Mini Classic, a week-long stage race for youngsters in Colorado. It was a spectacular event and was responsible for getting hundreds of kids into cycling. As a junior I was a member of the 7-Eleven Junior Development Team, and periodically a member of the United States Junior National Team, spending several summers at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Then my first year as a senior (there was no such thing as "Under 23" at the time) I raced with Lowenbrau, which was the premier U.S. domestic team of the mid '80s. To be frank, I was the worst rider on the best team, which is both good and bad. I then quit racing when I went to college in 1987. So back to your question, I was never technically a pro. Back in those days there was a stronger distinction between pros and amateurs because only amateurs were allowed to race in the Olympics.

Rock the River Road Race

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What a cool race. I did this race last Saturday and the course was fantastic. It had a little of everything from rolling hills to dirt to a couple of decisive climbs. If you are ever out near Glenwood Springs and want a really cool ride to do check out the course. The course was out and back with about 15 miles of great dirt road. The dirt section was smoother than the chip seal. The scenery along the course was great as the road follows the Colorado River.

Bicycle Accident

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With all the talk about bicycle safety lately it was very sad to hear about the accident that occurred on North Broadway last weekend. I have always thought that that intersection was bad/confusing and with the speed of traffic and the number of cyclists that start there rides near this intersection a accident was bound to happen. Here is the article of the Daily Camera. Very very sad.

From the Boulder County Sheriff

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It never ends.... This in the Daily Camera today

"Recent comments from the sheriff in Larimer County, and subsequent news articles and public comments have resulted in a slew of e-mails, letters and phone calls to my office concerning the enforcement of traffic laws related to bicycles. Some of those messages, particularly the e-mails, have been demanding and almost menacing in tone. I would like to let Boulder County residents know what they can expect, and not expect, from their sheriff's office.

Boulder County Sheriff's Deputies are encouraged to enforce traffic laws and write tickets when they witness hazardous violations. It doesn't matter to us whether it is a motorist or a cyclist, and we are not going to single any group out or be selective in enforcement. This is done by district officers in the normal course of their patrols and duties. There are no resources for increased patrols.


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