Construction on Boulder Velodrome starts Monday!

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I was told by the Director of Cycling at Boulder Indoor Cycling that all of the permits are done and constructions starts this Monday with them opening no later than November 10! You say you need to see it to believe it, well check back later this week after 303Cycling gets a sneak peek of the facility and the progress they are making.

VeloNews interview Tyler Hamilton

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Interview with Tyler Hamilton

The online version is only a brief version of what will come out in the printed version but this quote was interesting....

"There are a lot of bad people out there who have done some bad things to me. Cycling … I think it’s everywhere, but there is a mafia in cycling. That’s pretty much all I’ll say about it, I’ll probably get banned from a race if I say any more, but there is a mafia out there."

How old is Chris Phenicie, or Tim Faia or anyone of your competitors?

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Did you know that the ACA posts your age? I don't at all have a problem with them posting my age, I find all that data interesting however at times depressing knowing that riders way older than me find it so easy to kick ass. To see it check out the ACA BCR Standings page, one of the columns displayed is age. Now go waste some time on that useful tool called the internet.


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