Valmont Park gets donation of $50,000

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Press Release today was released on the donation of $50,000 from the Dalbey Foundation. More follow up later but here is the press release

BOULDER, CO: Teaching kids to ride a bike will soon get a little easier in Boulder, thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Dalbey Foundation. The grant will be used to add educational features to the bike park slated for construction at Valmont City Park later this year. “This donation benefits Valmont Bike Park by enhancing facilities to help children and families learn how to ride safely and experience the rush of singletrack biking, dirt jumping, and cyclocross racing. So far over 400 members of the community have donated $115,000 in a new model for cooperation between the City of Boulder and its citizens. The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is energized by the community's outpouring of volunteerism and financial support for the Bike Park,” said Christopher "Botsy" Phillips, President of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance.

Denver starts city wide plans for 500 bike share program

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Today Denver starts down an plan to provide a 500 bike share problem. This is a very unique and huge project beyond the scope of other bike share programs in the USA. I won't repeat what has already been stated so well on the site about the project.

Full details on the story

MTB Trails and Contest

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The guys up in Fort Collins at The Group Ride are putting on a little contest and the winner gets a New Belgium jersey and a case of beer. The contest entails mapping out and giving descriptions of local mountain bike rides. The site they are using to map the rides is NetCairns. The site is pretty cool. It combines a wiki with google maps. If you are not into the contest at least check out the site its pretty cool.

303Cycling looking for Cycling Historians

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303Cycling is looking for all of those Colorado Cycling Historians. We are wanting to create a series of "Cycling Back in the Day". Our first story to air soon will be on the first CX race put on by Chris Grealish back in the late 80's in Boulder just south of the current Short Track course but on the other side of Colorado... remember that?

Boulder Indoor Cycling Update 1-13-2009

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I have not posted an update in a while so I thought I would. Looks like racing at the velodrome will start the middle of February. Here is the schedule and some details.

Minor detail changes have also been made to the track. Lines have been put on the track and a metal railing is being put into place. Check out the picture I took last Sunday.

Preliminary results from ACA meeting on Satruday are in

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Preliminary results are in from ACA BAR/BAR/Masters Meeting. Full details on the meeting should come out later this week but here is what is being said so far...Thanks to someone who was at the meeting for passing this on... not sure if I can expose the source though.

  • Jon Tarkington (Exec Dir) started the meeting out by review the statistics and trends within the membership
    • Slight increase in ACA membership overall
    • Yet, there has been a decrease in the number of race days
    • There has been a reduction in average field size for seniors. Particularly for SM P-1-2. Deemed to be a drop out of SM2's.
    • Possible Conclusion: Excess supply of races? Change in level of interest/lifestyles?
    • Lack of officials and officials complaining about long days for closed course races.
    • BAR/BAT designation results in an increase in field size. For Men 45+, it resulted in a 45% increase.

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