Biking in Boulder -- Let's keep innovating

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From the Daily Camera

by Sue Prant is Advocacy Director at Community Cycles

What do we need to do get more people out of cars and feeling comfortable riding bikes? Three things: a greater culture of cycling; completion of Boulder's bike system (including multi-use trails and bike lanes); and a dedicated vision for Boulder's future that includes innovative transportation ideas.

Using Acupuncture for Recovery and Performance

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by Christina Roy of Premier Acupuncture in Boulder

Cycling Recovery & Performance Enhancement = 2 Sides of Same Coin

In Boulder & all over Colorado right now road races, crits & time trials are in full swing. Including training times, a mind blowing amount of miles are being chewed up & elevation conquered.

While training to improve sprint speed, climbing power & overall endurance, the muscles are being broken down while tendons & ligaments are being stressed.

Neurologically & chemically we are always either in the Sympathetic or Parasympathetic mode. During strenuous training & racing the Sympathetic system is in full swing (Fight or Flight mode). A cascade of hormones are released (Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Cortisol) increasing our power output, enhancing response time, diverting blood from our gut to our extremities, etc. At those moments we are literally hard-wired to perform at our very best. Nothing is free however, all this comes at a cost.

It is only after, IF we allow ourselves to enter the Parasympathetic mode (Rest & Recovery) that progress can acutely be made out of our training efforts. Only then is our body is able to refuel our Glycogen stores, repair & build new muscle tissue, repair tendons, & abolish byproducts & toxins. Then & only then are we ready to perform with true genuine “performance enhancement”.

Most tend to jump the gun in recovery. Just because we feel that we have the energy to hit the road again doesn’t necessarily mean our body is ready, especially our tendons & ligaments. Muscles have incredible blood supply naturally, which is a main reason that they repair quickly. Tendons & ligaments however have very limited blood supply. So with excessive training or chronic over use Tendonitis easily develops & is very stubborn to recede unaided.

Fate of Stage 6 hinges on Council's meeting tonight!

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UPDATE! Emergency ordinance passes, Stage 6 finish is safe again!

Supporters and haters showed up to last night's council chambers and in the end the council voted unanimously for the emergency ordinance (which many say was not even needed) to secure Stage 6 finish plans.

Full details of the night can be found on the Daily Camera

end update
Tonight is a big night for what could be the fate of Stage 6 finish. The city council will debate this on in their weekly meeting at 6pm. Supporters are encouraged to show up and probably show up early as space is limited in the council hearing room. Details on what is going down can be read at the Daily Camera but the real reason behind the technicalities seems a mystery, eco preservation, anti sporting events in open space, fear of the land being scared beyond reconstruction.

Hear what Mo Siegel, the founder of the Red Zinger which became the Coors Classic years later, has to say about the situation

Now that the Bolder Boulder has passed, it's time to get excited and focused on the upcoming USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Boulder. After the disappointment of the race skipping Boulder last year, we're lucky to host a critical stage of the 2012 Pro Challenge. World class bike racing has returned to Boulder, perfectly appropriate for the city considered by many as the founding home of North American bike racing.

Read the rest of what Mo had to say

And this from Barry Siff, Co-Chair, USA Pro Challenge Boulder LOC

Summertime Cruising

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Riding is fun, we all love to do it and sometimes the funniest riding is when you throw that training schedule out the window and hope on that beater bike or cruiser bike and ride with friends with some wacky theme along with it.

The Denver Cruisers have one of the best publicized rides in Colorado and this week the theme is Slumber Party. Want to join in? Learn more about locations and times at their website

Bicycle Longmont also has a cruiser ride taking off from Roosevelt Park at 6:30. It also comes with themes and is very open to families.

Reveal the Path movie in Boulder/Denver this week!

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Update - the review

Last night my 11 yr son and I attended the 9pm movie after the sold out 7pm movie. I came into this movie without really any expectations as my only research into this movie was the trailer.... it was about bikes, did I need more? The show started off with some live music from one of the musicians on the soundtrack (which just last night is on iTunes) and we were also treated to another trailer of a river movie the same director is working on. The movie "Reveal the Path" started and instantly I was thrown into confusion as to what the plot was but who cares, it's about bikes. But in general you have 4 guys, riding to 5 parts of the world to see some spectacular sights, ride some great "trails" and experience different cultures. Their route follows like this, Scottland, Switzerland, Morocco, Nepal, Alaska. The intent of the ride was to explore through beauty your way of life, your path, or something like that. Lots of deep feeling talk on the back drop of some pretty amazing views that left me thinking like Liz Lemon and saying "I want to go there".

New Details of USA Pro Cycling Challenge's Boulder Stage Released

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From the Daily Camera:

New details of USA Pro Cycling Challenge's Boulder stage released

City prepares for 100,000+ spectators, plans downtown 'Finish Festival'
Cycling enthusiasts can start plotting the best vantage points from which to catch the USA Pro Cycling Challenge during its Boulder stage.

Boulder released detailed race information -- including the exact path the elite racers will take through downtown Boulder and University Hill and the approximate times when riders will pass through each section of the 103-mile route -- last week in preparation for a meeting Tuesday to discuss race planning.

The public hearing at the City Council's regular meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to express any concerns about -- as well as support for -- the race, which will pass through Boulder twice on Aug. 25, the sixth day of the seven-day race.

The meeting also will include discussion of potential legal issues around the race. The City Attorney's Office has recommended the City Council adopt an emergency ordinance giving the city manager the authority to issue permits, waive fees and make rules for safety.

Complete Story

Why Frontier Airlines is one of the friendliest air carriers for cyclists

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Learn why Denver based air carrier, Frontier Airlines, is in our opinion is one of the friendliest airlines out there for cyclists as we talk with their Sr. Manager of Public Relations of Frontier Airlines Lindsey Carpenter to discuss the company's customer service.

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