On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Time for Colorado High School Mountain Bike Season.

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I’m sure the kids get tired of us old people saying things like, “I wish they would have had a mountain bike team when I was a kid!” But it’s true. So many of us would have been psyched to line up with what probably would have been embarrassing neon Lycra and 65 pound bikes. But we are so fortunate to live vicariously through all the high school kids in Colorado who get to practice (ride their mountain bikes) and line up for four very well run bike races every fall. It’s that time again and all over Colorado high school kids are working on their endurance, learning about passing safely, being schooled on trail etiquette and preparing for a whole new way to compete in high school sports.

Heather Irmiger with Boulder High Rider
More Photos at ColoradoMTB

This is the third year of the Colorado High School Cycling League and if history tells us anything, it should be another banner year for the league. Last year 325 athletes participated in the 2011 race series—a 78% increase from 2010. And this year there are more scholarships available to teams, coaches and riders thanks to the success of CycleFest (can you say Tom Danielson?) and the Just Go Harder Foundation. Last year 33 teams represented the state and this year there are five more teams; Rock Canyon, Highlands Ranch, Estes Park, Columbine (Littleton), Fountain Valley in Colorado Springs and Highlander also in Colorado Springs.

USPCC Stage 4 Results

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Very insightful commentary by Gavin, Kiel and Timmy about how Stage 4 went down today.

Stage 4 of the 2012 USA Pro Challenge kicked off this morning in Aspen and took the riders 97.2 miles back over Independence Pass before ending in front of massive crowds lining the uphill finish in Beaver Creek. Please see below and attached for full results.

Tomorrow, Stage 5 will start in returning host city Breckenridge at 10:50 a.m. and end in Colorado Springs, last year’s overall start city.

Know Your Knees

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Acupuncture & Common Knee Injuries

by Christina Roy L.Ac, MSOM

How many times have you heard: “I tore my meniscus...blew out my ACL...tore my MCL.” What exactly do these terms mean for our knee’s health & proper athletic functioning?

MCL / Medial Collateral Ligament
Located on medial side of the knee joint
Controls inner or medial movement of knee; keeps it from collapsing inwardly
Often injured by a hit on outer knee (soccer, football) or skiing

LCL / Lateral Collateral Ligament
On the lateral side of the knee joint
Stabilizes the lateral knee
Often injured by a hit to the inner knee (rugby, football, etc)

ACL / Anterior Collateral Ligament
Located deep within the knee joint
Stabilizes the lower leg by not allowing it to slide forward/anteriorly or to rotate in relation to the Femur
Commonly injured while changing direction or stopping quickly at a run; improper planting or landing of a jump; direct frontal hit to the knee, etc. These are found often in mogul skiing, snowboarding, basketball, tennis, soccer, football, & skateboarding.

The meniscus is a rubbery, C-shaped disc that cushions your knee & helps by distributing your weight across the knee.

Lakewood Woman Charged with DUI in Hit and Run that Nearly Killed Cyclist

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A woman was arrested and charged with multiple crimes for a hit-and-run accident that landed a cyclist in the hospital with serious injuries Wednesday morning.

Lakewood Police arrested Catherine Marie Bean, 23, for an accident that was reported at about 4:44 a.m., when a passerby reported seeing a man laying in the road on South Wadsworth Boulevard just south of West Ohio Avenue. The victim, a 58-year-old man, was unconscious and bleeding from the head. He was transported to St. Anthony’s West Hospital with life threatening injuries.

Team Kitchen - Garmin's Rolling Gourmet Unit

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Tom's dinner menu before his stage 3 victory

Team kitchen, a rolling Garmin Gourmet unit, is being operated by Barb Grealish, who is one of the few Gluten free tour chefs on the road. While the video below is not from this years USPCC, you get an idea of what they do. To learn more about how they roll, check out argyleteamkitchen.wordpress.com/ Here is a snippet

Chef Barb pulled into Crested Butte after an almost 3 hour transfer from Telluride. The final 1/2 mile was probably the hardest because all of team buses and event staff got stuck in the same line as the spectators and didn’t move. The volunteers were doing an excessive fantastic job stopping traffic! We all finally pulled into the other lane and went forward. That is very stressful when you are trying to beat the race and get all the pre-prep ready.


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