Friday Fun - Cyclocross Blast from the Past - 1982

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Do you remember? Might be hard to read but this newspaper clipping comes from 1982 and the course is near where the CU research park is today (aka CU short track). Can't believe the course went through the Boulder Creek! For reading here is a higher resolution

For reading here is a higher resolution

Colorado Supreme Court hears case against Black Hawk

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Yesterday the Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments from the case against Black Hawk for banning bikes. You can hear the 60 minute oral discussion (30 minutes for both sides) and you can read what Bicycle Retailer had to say. Much more on this to come next week. While no immediate decision will come from this event some speculate that you can read into the questions asked by the court.

Listen to the oral arguments in the Colorado Supreme Court

Denver Wrap-up of the Conference of Bicycle Tourism

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Last week the national conference for the Bicycle Tour Network was held in Denver at the Grand Hyatt. The conference was a catalyst for innovation and collaboration by providing a forum where tour directors from around the country can connect, share knowledge, talk with industry experts and meet with vendors through a number of social events, workshops and general sessions.

Check out our video interview with a number of tour and event directors from some of the biggest events around the country (Ragbrai, Bike MS, The Buff Classic, Boulder Cup, Iron Horse, Oklahoma Free Wheel, Venus de Miles, etc) to see what their main "takeaways" from the conference was and why Colorado is such a great role model for other states.

Sessions and Speakers Included:

  • Bicycle Events & Advocacy - Scott Christopher (Bicycle Colorado)
  • Optimizing Registration Resources - Lucas McCain (
  • Simple to Sexy - The mobile app economy - Chris Globe (MapMyFitness)
  • Bicycle Tourism Boom - Jim Sayer (Adventure Cycling)
  • Media & Corp Partnerships - Brian Farris (USA Pro Challenge)

The conference finished with a evening with Ron Keifel, which was a fairly light hearted story telling of Ron's experience with the 7-11 team and what bicycle tourism meant to him and his family's bike shop back in the early days of the Ride the Rockies tour. If you've never heard Wookie (Ron) talk then now is your chance, he's witty, clever and full of stories.

USADA is coming to Colorado Racing

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It was announced at the Local Associations of USAC meeting last weekend that USADA is developing a testing program that will provide education and testing resources of athletes at the amateur level of cycling and that program will be coming to Colorado in 2013. The program was piloted in the Florida area already where apparent drug usage was high and so high that some could say that Florida is leading the effort to clean up amateur racing by creating their own Florida Clean Ride Fund. But even so, tempers are still high as earlier in September a race director in Florida refused WADA access to riders

When WADA drug testers showed up unannounced at the 2012-13 Florida State Championship Series last weekend, race promoter Dave Bergen refused to allow the technicians to collect samples because “he had no prior warning or notification” and he had “never seen dope testing conducted” for a local amateur event.

Cyclist injured in flashing crosswalk but failed to activate it

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From the Daily Camera

A bicyclist was seriously injured this morning after he failed to activate a signal at a lighted crosswalk near 28th and Spruce streets and was hit by a car, Boulder police said.

At around 9:34 a.m., Alfred Christiansen III, 23, was biking north on the west sidewalk of 28th Street when he turned east on a lighted crosswalk near Spruce Street, according to Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel.

Kobel said Christansen did not activate the crossing signal.

From the Police Blotter:


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