Weekend Activities

Lots to to this weekend. Here is our list. If you want to add something to our calendar for a future event please contact us.

Friday June 12th
- Glenwood TT
- Lyons Outdoor Games

Saturday June 13th
- Rock the River Road Race
- Lyons Outdoor Games
- Sand Creek Mtn Bike Race
- Healing Wheels Tour
- Winter Park Hill Climb
- Fossil Creek Family Bike Fair
- BMA Movie Night

Sunday June 14th
- Glenwood Springs Criterium
- Lyons Outdoor Games

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Community Cycles has two

Community Cycles has two things happening on Sunday.

First is a kid's bike rodeo, happening from 10-2 at North Boulder Park. Kids will have to run a gauntlet of cones and road signs, using/practicing hand signals and techniques such as look-over-the-shoulder-for-what's-behind-you. It's a great introduction to the rules of the road (including bike paths) for kids. The course will be on grass, to afford softer landings should they be necessary...

Second, we're hosting a fix-it party for old bikes. This isn't so much an event as it is a call for help, but it's a good way for those who may want to do something bikey but may not want to or can't ride can come help us wrench on bikes. This will be from Noon to 6 PM.

For more info on either of these, email josh@communitycycles.org.

As always, 303Cycling, Thanks!