2013 - Live Radio Show at Retul - Women's Panel


I'd like to invite you to an event on Tuesday MAY 7, 6:30PM Boulder Retul Studios (located at 5445 Conestoga Ct Ste100, Boulder)

I am one of several women serving as a panel to discuss the following topics - it will be streamed as live video, as well as a podcast, thanks to Over the Top Radio. I will be joining Sarai from Cyclofemme, Sonya Looney, Ann Trombley, and Georgia Gould, among others. Should make for a lively discussion,

Topics we will touch on: Keeping women in cycling after they 'retire' from racing, Increasing participation among women riders (which you do quite well), women as role models for juniors, what do members of the panel see as some of the biggest obstacles for women in sport as a whole, women taking positions of influence i.e. event directors - there are a number of women working as race officials but we don't see many in director roles, increased media exposure for women's cycling/sport, etc

George encouraged us to invite friends so that we have a small audience of participants who ask questions of the panel - so please stop by if you're available!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


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