Can a "Roadie" label themselves as a roadie and still ride gravel?

No way! Asphalt only!
If a 23c can roll it then it's good
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Dirt on 25s

I run 25 Gatorskins all winter. Unless a road is really washboardy, those tires can ride on all the Front Range dirt roads. Only flats I get in the winter are from metal shards on the shoulder of paved roads.

can't we all just...

get along :)
- why label? dirt/gravel are simply unparalleled some months. trails & and singletrack are pure heaven at times, and a good 5k' paved climb to brainard w/ only one stop sign, then a ripping descent with only a few cars can't be beat when the road's clear. - the only thing I can't speak to yet is the fun times to be had on a fat bike in the snow.

It's not that roadies can't get along with Mountain bikers

It's not that at all. I believe the vast majority of cyclists are both, some just lean more one way or the other. I know plenty of cyclists who label themselves as Mountain bikers yet they sometimes ride their road bikes on the canyon roads or roadie who twice a month rolls with friends on area trails.

I see this more as a view that a road bike can do more than just asphalt and there are many out there that enjoy it and agree!