Lees-McRae College wins womens Collegiate title

Congrats go to Kacey Manderfield of Lee-McRae College for winning the womens Collegiate CX title.

Say what, Lee-McRae? Where is that? Is that really a college?

Yep, sure is and according to USA Cycling they have a team of 57 riders out of a student body of only 650 and a annual team budget of $84,000!!! Kick ASS!

Folks this really impresses me, I went to a large state university and was the president of the cycling team for two years and all we could ever squeeze out of the school for our budget was about $1000 and here a small school out of North Carolina really can pick it up and make a good cycling team. Hey, big schools are you listening? Ya some might say that the education isn't as good but how many of you really feel that you big school education got you where you might be today... mine didn't do help at all, but I'm in IT.

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