No Womens P12 field this weekend at Tokyo Crit

This weekend's crit in Golden will not hold a P12 field according to the race flyer. I understand the difficulty of a promoter to make $$ and the added challenges of adding BAR/BAT categories but come on, this is the women's P12 field, not the junior 8-10 field! From a spectator point of view I love watching skilled/fit women race. On the ACA forum discussions have been on going and according to one post here is what the promoter had to say about the situation

There is not a P12 W cat at the race. We are running races from 7:30am to 6:45pm and had to make some sacrifices. Since we are a masters/juniors BAR/BAT the decisions were made around the cats we have listed. I am working on getting approval to make sure that you have the option to race in one of the men's cats and will let you know as soon I get verification. Sorry that we couldn't get more in the day, but I only have so many hours of daylight.

Screw letting Levi Ride... Let the women ride!

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There were a total of 14

There were a total of 14 women finishers in the 1-2-3 field the previous week. That turnout is HORRIBLE!

The women are allowed to race. All pro I-II women are allowed to race in either the SMPI-II events or in the SMIII event. They are also allowed to race in the Men's Master's 35+ field. Plus, if they are over 35, then they can race in the Women's master's fields. I've seen pro women race in each of these fields throughout the years. They have lots of chices. Note that the only men that have as many chices are 55 or older.