Bicycle Colorado supports us while Boulder has no BRA

I've been saying this for years, Boulder needs a BRA. Last night I attended the BMA spring fundraiser at Rembrandt Yards. Besides the fun, BMA does a lot for the mountain biking community in building trails, gaining access, working with officials on trail issues and enforcement and more. But where is Boulder's BRA for recreational road cyclists? Some have said it is not needed because road cyclists do not have the same issues that mountain bikers have, largely such as trail access. Legally road cyclist get access to probably 99.8% of the roads in Boulder County (Hwy 36 from Boulder to Denver) is the only known road they don't have access to) but that near unlimited access is a superficial mindset on road access. For example how many cyclists every day ride Hwy 93 or Arapahoe road from 55th st to Hwy 287. Legally we can ride that road but due to assumed risk of injury and alternative routes no one does. Remember what Lefthand canyon like 5 years ago before shoulders were installed? My unscientific opinion is ridership has tripled on that road since the shoulders were added and hence allowing many to gain access to that route whom years ago would never have considered riding it. And lucky for road cyclists the city and county officials are very much on our side... but how long will that last? For any cyclists whom has spent time outside of Colorado riding like say the midwest or deep south, you fully understand the issue with safe cycling access on roads and I would bet if every Boulder cyclists would move to my home town in the midwest at least 2/3 would quit cycling or switch to mountain biking so they could get off of the roads

But Boulder has no BRA (Boulder Road cycling Association) and nor do I see one being made anytime soon no mater how much soap boxing I do but in the meantime we have Bicycle Colorado. Bicycle Colorado provides the state with the voice that so many cycling communities need in areas of making it safer for kids to get to school to helping communities with cycling related issues and providing knowledge and resources in tackling them and to what in my opinion is probably the single most valuable aspect of BC is dealing with cycling politics in government and by politics I'm not referring to helping get key players elected into place but more the mechanics of operational government politics. Bicycle Colorado works with lawmakers to help get or prevent cycling laws that help improve our cycling well being, and for both road and mountain bikers. This spring I was invited by Bicycle Colorado to meet with my representative and senator at the capital and I was BLOWN away by how old school and complicated this mess of government politics is and without someone like Bicycle Colorado with their foot in the door and expertise I don't see how any one person could have much of an affect.

So until Boulder gets that BRA please be kind to Bicycle Colorado and thank them for their continued support of our community and greater Colorado by becoming a member and/or attending their spring Gala on May 4th.

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Arapahoe and Highway 93

Hi, Kris. You highlight two great examples of roads that are very unfriendly for bicyclists. However, significant improvements are coming. Boulder county, CDOT and the City of Boulder have partnered on Highway 93 for a project that will repave from Eldorado Springs Drive to Highway 128, add shoulders for bicycles, and add an underpass where the Community Ditch Trail crosses 93. This is under design this year, and will be constructed in 2013. And, the project that is under construction now on Arapahoe will add shoulders on Arapahoe east to 75th Street, as well, I believe, as an offstreet path parallel to the road.