It is Official, no USPRO Stage in Boulder in 2013

It's official folks, no Boulder stage in 2013. But don't worry the tour goes on and it will still be a great show. While the stage will be missed it's probably good to give other cities a taste of cycling (because Boulder doesn't need to be reminded of what cycling is) and also give time for some of the battles waged to make Stage 6 happen this year to heal and policies maybe changed to make a future stage in Boulder easier.

From the Daily Camera

Shoemaker noted the complexity of running a route through Boulder, saying, "It requires a level of planning that exceeds most of the other types of stages."

"There's a lot of logistics involved," Shoemaker said. "Nothing in Boulder is easy."

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I admire your optimism, but

I admire your optimism, but sadly can't share it... there's no incentive for race organizers to deal with Boulder again. If largely dysfunctional cities like Philadelphia can get its act together to shut down major thoroughfares and be welcoming to a bike race (on an annual basis, to boot), one would think (hope) Boulder could do the same. I guess we're not as fortunate as Philly (you won't hear that too often!)

....not easy.

After growing up in Boulder in the 80's, and even working in the bike "biz" while there, I've absolutely observed things become over complicated, over governed and governed by people who apparently need to be the most politically correct bureaucracies in every direction. Remember, this is a city that systematically began a program to displace the transient population to be "out of sight, out of mind", "boycott's" other states for their views and actions and also has a Sheriff who is anti-cycling. Check it out, that's all true.

So, it's not a total surprise that they are not going to have a stage there. However, that's not a bad thing in my opinion. I believe that there are a lot of cities that would love to have a stage, and the citizen's will be highly receptive. I will be looking forward to the 2013 route and all the great places it will go!!!