"US36 from Lyons to Estes Park – No bikes this summer."

From Boulder County Transportation

US36 from Lyons to Estes Park – No bikes this summer.

The Colorado DOT has informed Boulder County that cyclists will not be allowed up the Canyon while their flood repairs are under way. In all likelihood that means the rest of the summer. For more information you can check the CDOT website. Please note that this is not a Boulder County project.

Highway 93 Shoulders – Construction continues through mid-September.

CDOTs work on the Highway 93 south of Boulder continues. They have made good progress with both adding shoulders to the highway and the new underpass to carry the Community Ditch Trail under the highway.

The latest construction schedule has the project continuing through mid-September. The trail crossing is currently closed and is likely to remain so throughout the summer. We’ll let everyone know as soon as it is opened.

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Good question. I never

Good question. I never climbed Hwy 36 anyway: too many hairpins with high speed cars, minimal shoulders, and zero visibility. But descending Hwy 36 is a different thing, since cyclists are little slower than cars and can reasonably take the lane when necessary. Here's hoping DOT understands the difference. Hwy 36 becomes a particularly important option in the fall when days get too short for the normal Hwy 7 - Hwy 34 loop.