No bikes on Anemone Hill

Looks like Boulder cyclists got the head fake from Boulder officials to allow cyclists on Anemone Hill as a connector to Betasso. This connector trail would have given cyclists immediate downtown access to trails and remove the requirement to ride on Boulder Canyon for those wanting to ride to Betasso. The number of mountain bike trails accessible close to town will remain embarrassedly low.
From the Daily Camera

The 5-4 vote rejecting mountain bike access on the planned Anemone Hill loop trail came at a special meeting in which the highly contentious West Trail Study Area plan was resurrected for several hours. The plan -- which defines public access to the 11,250-acre swath of open space west of Broadway that stretches from Linden Avenue south to Eldorado Springs Drive -- was approved in March, but the leaders have tweaked the plan several times since then.

Brandon Dwight from Boulder Cycle Sport sets the tone well how not much has changed in 20+ years in regards to feeding the appetite of access to trails in Boulder

Once again Boulder officials have given cyclists the head fake,
- Feeder Canal DEAD
- No Bikes on West TSA

And all that after BMA fought HARD for Open Space to win 1B in the last election.

BMA is recommending that supporters vote out the old guard that has been blocking so much and support those who do support us

City council says no bikes on Anemone. Make a difference at the ballot box. Vote the BMA slate: King, Karakehian, Wilson, Hoffman

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Get Out & Vote People!

We get to vote for the City Council people and the election is coming up soon. Read over the vote, find out which 4 members voted for it, and which 5 members voted against in AGAIN. They let them know what you think and vote out the 5 people who did not listen one more time.

It is up to us to make changes.

Actually, we need more than

Actually, we need more than that. It was clear that many memebers of the council had already made up their minds before the public discussion and had discussed that amonst themselves. That allowed some typically unfriendly council members to cast a "worthless" vote for the proposition.


I just checked voting results thru yesterday - read it and weap - or get your ass in gear!

Voters over 55 yrs old have cast 62% of the ballots so far.
Voters under 35 have cast 9.76% of the ballots so far.

They are getting it done.

As both a rider and a hiker

I have to say that Anenome as a hike is pretty much a pointless POS and would serve much better as a MTB trail anyhow.

I admit to being a little hotheaded about this issue. Whenever I'm cruising the Faltirons Vista trail on the MTB and I get dirty looks from the strolling Seniors, I'm half tempted to stop and suggest that if they don't like it, they should try walking any of the 100+ miles of trails in the immediate area that I cannot take my bike on.


Amen to that and you are not the only one who feels that way with regard to the trails.

Maybe the city council is scared that if they give an inch, the Mtb community will be lining up again soon and want the mile. Slippery slope from their perspective I'm guessing but still lame.